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Reasons For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a kind of cancer which usually starts off in the inside layer of the lobules or milk ducts that source them with milk. This cancer is mostly seen among women; however, it is not the case that men are safe. There are many men every year who are diagnosed with this type of cancer. 

This is the most common aggressive cancer among women all over the world is this. Invasive cancer means that the cancer will grow in healthy tissue and spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body. However, the other type which is non-invasive cancer will not grow beyond the breast. The treatment will depend on the type of cancer. The actual causes for breast cancer have not been verified yet; however here are some of the possible reasons.

1. Old age

Women are prone to get breast cancer when they grow older. Age is a high risk factor. Over 80% of female cancers worldwide happen to occur among women over 50 years; which could be a result of menopause. With the hormonal changes in women with menopause, it could be a thriving risk factor.

2. Genetics

If you have had close relatives who was diagnosed with such cancer, then there could be a chance of you getting it too. However, most cancers are not hereditary so it does not 100% mean that just because your mother or aunt has it, you’d get it too. You should keep in mind that you could inherit some of the genes of your relatives so get yourself checked to keep yourself on the safe side.

3. History and radiation

If you have had cancer before, then you are a most likely target. It could be seen very often than a woman who has not had history with such a disease. The radiation treatment you used for your earlier diagnosis can be another factor. The constant X-rays and CT scans could easily develop cancer cells.

4. Cosmetic implants

Your doctor must’ve told there are no side effects from those breast implants you are planning to get. Well, think twice. Such artificial treatment is a main cause of cancer. Sometimes there could be complications where your body will not accept such treatment and then you might develop allergies and other diseases. Look at here now if you are looking for breast enlargement.

Hence be very sure if you want to get a breast enlargement or implant since the last thing you need is to develop cancer while spending thousands of dollars on implant treatments.

Apart from the above some other reasons are obesity, height, alcohol consumption and also certain jobs which include working with plastics, chemicals etc. Hence always pay attention to changes in your body and do regular check ups so that it could be identified and treated in the earliest stages.


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