4 Common Problems Athletes Face

Athletics are great for one’s body, health and emotional well being. We are encouraged from a young age to participate in any form on athletics that would suit our individual abilities and preferences. Whether it’s running, swimming, ice skating or mixed martial arts, athletics provide great overall health benefits to those who commit themselves to the cause. The purpose of athletics in not just competition, it’s also feeling good, body and mind. Less often spoken about, there’s another side to athletics as well. Athletes do not often speak of the things that usually land them in at a sports injury clinic. There are two sides to everything; sports included. If you are a budding athlete or hoping to take part in an athletic activity, here are several problems that you should keep an eye out for:

1.    Overexertion
It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to the competitive spirit. Athletes often overexert themselves practicing too much than be out of shape because of lack of practice. Overexertion happens when athletes engage in a certain activity for more than the recommended period of time, and also by not consuming enough food to provide the body energy to handle the additional workload. When it comes to practicing, it’s very important to allow for resting periods in between sessions.

2.    Joint Pain
This is the most common problem that lands many a professional athlete in the physiotherapy Hampton. Joint pain can occur for many reasons, including improper form, inadequate consumption of calcium and lack of strength training for muscles. Those who engage in cardio-heavy activity like long distance running, swimming or cycling are more prone to joint pain. To avoid this situation, do strength training exercising. For example, if you have joint pain in the knees, do strength training exercises for the thigh muscles that attach to the knee. Also, make sure you are not overexerting the aching area.

3.    Athlete’s Foot
This is a nasty fungal infection that plagues many athletic locker rooms. Athlete’s food can be cured easily enough, but it’s best to avoid it in the first place. The fungus that causes this disease thrives in damp conditions like inside of shoes where sweaty feet had been. To avoid the spread of this fungal infection, wash feet and socks on a daily basis. Do not share footwear or socks with other athletes. Hygiene is the best prevention strategy.

4.    Muscle Tears
This is a horrifying situation where some athletes tear tendons by overexerting themselves. Avoid this career ending situation by knowing your limits.
The above are only a few problems. There will be many more as you become more professional.