All You Need To Know About Endocrine Surgery

endocrine surgery

In endocrine surgery in melbourne, the surgery has to be performed on one or many organs of the endocrine. All the organs in the endocrine system secrete different hormones, and they should remain in balance. It is because of these hormones that homeostasis is maintained in a human’s body. It also keeps the metabolism in control, and an internal environment remains constant too. Many people don’t know that the endocrine system also features the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Some exceptional surgeons perform surgery on the endocrine system. They have to be experts and have perfect knowledge or experience, or it can be dangerous for them. There are very few surgeons who can handle these surgeries as it is considered a rate surgery worldwide. The thyroid and pineal glands secrete a lot of hormones that keep the body in perfect health. If anything goes out of control, the person needs treatment for it.


Sometimes people have rare tumors in the hypothalamus, and because of that, the patient has to suffer a lot. They will most commonly experience seizures, headaches, and other problems that involve changes in behavior. Some people also go through hormonal balances or cognitive impairment due to some imbalances in the hormones. In numerous cases removing the tumor is the only option left for the surgeons. They deal with the brain’s hemisphere, and this is how they can gain easy access to the tumors. It is not easy to remove them, but if they know, they will do it correctly. Sometimes the surgeons also use radio surgery, and it is a process where the energy of light is used to destroy the tumors. In endocrine incision gamma knife works with the help of a light and eliminates the tumor keeping the nearby tissues safe. It will help the expert doctors target any tumor with ease.

Pituitary gland

The pituitary glands are responsible for secreting many hormones in the body and keeping the temperature balanced. At the base of the brain, this gland is located and is very small in size. If there are any tumors in the pituitary gland, it mainly happens due to hormonal imbalances. Such tumors don’t need to require treatment as most of them can go away with medications. If they hinder the optical nerve, surgery becomes essential, but the good thing is that there will be no scars left after the surgery. If the tumor is large, removing it may seem challenging. The upper part of the scalp is cut slightly to reach the tumor so it can be removed. Sometimes tumors also occur inside endocrine pancreas and if they are not removed on time function of pancreas will also get disturbed. For more information visit our website: drjustinjames.com.au