Everything You Need To Know About Astigmatism

Astigmatism is caused by an abnormal curve in the cornea or the lens. It can be present by the time of birth or it can be developed later in case of an accident causing damage to the eye or in case of an eye infection and it is known as a refractive error.

Light passes through the lens and goes to the retina, in case of astigmatism since the cornea and retina are not curved properly, the light is not bent thus resulting in a blur vision. This is an inherited disease and is highly unlikely to show symptoms in children. Therefore, regular eye check-ups are recommended. However, adults can have symptoms such as blurred visions when looking at a near object or an object far away.

How to check for astigmatism in eyes?

  1. Visual acuity test: For this test, you would have to read the words from the chart and as you progress further, the alphabets begin to get smaller and smaller.
  2. Keratometer: The reflected light on the surface of the cornea is measured by the keratometer. It also calculates the extent to which the cornea is curved abnormally.
  3. Astigmatic dial: It is a chart that consists of several lines that make up a shape. The people with perfect vision would be able to identify some lines while the people with astigmatism would see a lot of lines clearly than the rest of the people.

Symptoms for astigmatism:

  1. Blurred visions and an ability to see properly.
  2. You might have to squint your eyes to make out what is written
  3. Prolonged and persistent headaches
  4. You may have trouble driving your car at night since you cannot see properly.

Ocular astigmatism can result in the eyesight is becoming deteriorated. Ocular residual astigmatism is the variance between auto refraction astigmatism and anterior corneal astigmatism. In the case of ocular residual astigmatism, a corneal refractive surgery has proven to be far more successful.

What is a corneal refractive surgery?

If you have any sort of refractive error like astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, the corneal refractive surgery might be for you. The most common form of surgery is LASIK. In LASIK, the cornea of your eye is adjusted through the help of laser. In the case of astigmatism, only the parts of the cornea which are irregularly shaped are adjusted and the light which once scattered through the retina passes normally thus showing clearer and better pictures.

The refractive surgery uses the Alpins method and it is fitted into our Assort software. It also aids in determining the ocular residual astigmatism. For more inquiries, contact us today at ASSORT and we would be happy to inform you more about our software is capable of as it is a revolutionary breakthrough in the eye world.