How To Start Your Career As An Emergency Unit Nurse

An emergency unit nurse is one who will admit and thereafter treat patients entering the emergency room or those who need urgent medical assistance. These nurses are qualified to work very quickly and in the most efficient way within small time periods, which is a promising career of rewards of making people, feel better and happy or will undergo stress.

Some nurses prefer to work in the emergency room, or working with the paramedics in the ambulance, while the rest are assigned in the critical and trauma units in each hospital. To become a trauma nurse, you need to ensure that you follow of the following trauma nursing courses Brisbane to ensure that you can be qualified.


Diplomas are not very famous or allowed in order to because a trauma specialist. Some of the states or cities do not accept a diploma in this line of work. Certain states accept a hospital training program diploma of three years for purposes of license.

Associate degree

This particular degree can be completed within two years at many universities and colleges in many countries. It is considered to be one of the fastest ways to get to your ambition and these nursing courses will also open the door to certification and training which will be required down the line.

Undergraduate degree

This is one of the important degrees right after the doctor’s degree. It is well recognised throughout the world and can be followed only at a university. The course takes up to four years, which includes psychology, anatomy, microbiology which many other classes related to this field. Once you complete the course and graduate, you will need to gain experience for two years and specialize in the area of trauma you prefer.

Postgraduate degree

Once you finish the two years of training after obtaining your undergraduate degree, you can move on to the postgraduate degree. You will have to complete a thesis during this program. You have the options of studying in class or online and also learn about many fields.

The Doctorate

You can follow the Doctorate program, which can only be pursued once you complete the postgraduate degree. You have the same options of studying within a classroom or online, which can be finished between one to two years depending on how intense you study the course and have time to study. However, one must remember that studying online is not always the best for any medical course. This job is more of a hands-on job, which means that you will have a lot of practical experiments to do. However, most of the theories for undergraduate and doctorate can be completed through online courses.

Good luck with your future career as a trauma nurse!