Oral Care – SMILE


If there is something each and every one in the world wants, its happiness and a reason to smile. It’s something we all as humans look forward to. When we go to school or to office, consciously or unconsciously we search early in the morning for someone to look at us and smile and say “Hey! Good Morning!” That is how much we all want people to smile. There are also times when you wish that person didn’t smile at you. Why? Because he has bad breath, or maybe he has bad teeth. You don’t want to be that person. That is why you need to have proper Oral Care. Here are a few problems and how individuals can sort them out.

Bad Breath

We all have bad morning breath that’s why most of us make sure we brush our teeth in the morning. Trust me if we didn’t have bad breath we won’t bother brushing. First thing to avoiding bad breath is to brush your teeth regularly. Some people have a dry mouth. A dry mouth can give room for bacteria. It is these bacteria that make your breath stink. So make sure you always keep your mouth hydrated as possible.

We all love food. Sometimes certain food can give you bad breath. A good dose of onions or garlic can ruin the whole office. Although, how many times you rinse your mouth with water the smell will not go away. This is when you would want to carry around a small hand held mouth wash. You could keep it in your office bathroom if you want. After you have lunch you should always rinse your mouth so that you can avoid that bad smell of food while talking to others.

Bad Teeth

The small recipe to having good teeth to bring out the best smile you could put, is make sure you follow this simple routine. Brush twice a day – in the morning and in the night before you go to bed. Floss at least once each day. Your tooth brush is not capable of reaching each and every nook and corner of your teeth that is why it is recommended that you floss every day. The bacteria hiding between your teeth can lead you to gum bleeding and diseases. If you are growing old and most of your teeth have decayed and fallen off I recommend you to get dentures.

It helps you chew your food with less pain and embarrassment in public. It’s a little expensive but affordable. At the end of the day you want to put a bright smile with your teeth showing. So, get yourself a set of partial dentures in Brisbane.

Those are the two main problems you would find in your daily life when trying to smile. We are humans and we might forget to brush our teeth in the morning or forget the mouthwash. So, even if you have bad breath or bad teeth don’t stop smiling. It shows you have confidence and confidence helps you have a good day. Who cares if people are disgusted about your bad breath when you are having a good day? So, always smile and pass it on.