Spinal Surgery: A True Remedy

Some lifestyle factors also contribute to back pain. Being overweight is one of such reasons. Smoking, avoiding exercises and wearing high heels also contribute to back pain.There are quite a few problems that can affect our spine. Though all the time surgery is not necessary, sometimes it is the only option. There are different kinds of spinal surgeries that are done to treat different kinds of problems.

Only a trusted spinal surgeon in Sydney can tell if you are in need of a spinal surgery. It is done only to bring the patient back to normal life. There are several benefits of surgery. Patients get relief from the problems as well as get back to normal life. After the surgery a patient can move better and can go to work. It also becomes easy to do regular chores without taking many painkillers. Less pain and problem also increase the productivity of people in the office. A spinal surgery also includes some risks. Sometimes, patients react to the drugs or anesthesia. Bleeding and infection are always there to attack surgical patients. Stroke or heart attack can in fact happen after surgery and even during it in some cases. Sometimes, our life change in the wrong way after back pain as nerve damage can happen and this may lead to another or many other problems. So, always choose a good orthopedic surgeon for surgery.

Spinal fusion:

It is one kind of spinal surgery. This is done to treat chronic back pain with degenerative conditions. The vertebrae or spinal bones are joined during surgery. This restricts the stretch and the motion of the nerve and spine respectively but not the movement of the patient. But the patient may need another surgery if the bones do not fuse completely. In such cases another surgery is needed to fix the problem.


The disk that is placed between two vertebrae can move from its place due to different problems. It will cause an added pressure on the spinal nerve. Sometimes, the surgeon needs to make a big cut in order to remove the disk completely. In some other cases, doctors go for microdiscectomy. In case of microdiscectomy, the surgery is done through a small incision hole.

Disk replacement:

The surgeon removes the natural disk and inserts a new artificial one in its place. It is done to give the patient full freedom to move unlike that of spinal fusion. The recovery time is also considerably shorter than that of spinal fusion. But in some cases the artificial disk falls out of its place or it may need some repair.