Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disease that is very common yet very problematic. There are different causes for sleep apnea. It is a disease that causes breathing to cease and start several times in a night during sleep. It causes loud snoring and gasping once breathing is started again. So, the normal breathing rhythm is interrupted as well as sleep. The results are daytime sleepiness, irritability, reduction in energy and concentration. Sleep apnea leads to several other diseases, like heart problem, liver problem and diabetes. So, it is necessary to treat this problem as early as possible to avoid further complication.


Once you know you have sleep apnea, it is necessary to treat it as early as possible. There are a few ways with which a patient can help himself. Being overweight is a cause of sleep apnea. So, reducing weight can help. As the disease is related to breathing, it is really important to quit smoking. As smoking also causes breathing problems, it can worsen the condition. People suffering from allergies that cause blocked nose should be careful and treat allergies properly. Singing and doing throat muscle exercises helps to tighten the throat muscles and reduce relaxing than normal during sleep. If the throat muscles stay in proper shape during sleep, the problem will be reduced.


This is a device that provides pressurized airflow through the nostril or mouth. A CPAP rent Australia is mask like and there are many sizes and variations of this device. Though the device may be a little irritating and uncomfortable during the initial usage, the patients become habituated.

As the device allows constant airflow, the patients do not suffer from lack of breath. This helps them to maintain the normal rhythm of breath and sleep properly. Nasal pillow, full face mask and nasal mask are the three variations of cpap masks. Patients must choose according to their need.

Dental devices:

Tongue retaining device and mandibular repositioning device are the two dental device used to treat sleep apnea. These devices adjust the lower jaw or the tongue to bring them forward. In this way the airway remains open to allow proper breathing.


It is one of the newest ways of treating sleep apnea. A pacemaker system is implanted to stimulate the muscles that will keep airways open to maintain the normal rhythm of breathing.


This is possibly the last option when everything fails. It will definitely broaden your airways. It can remove adenoids, tonsils and reconstruct the jaw to help the patient with a broad airway to reduce sleep apnea.